Officially Lynette Ferreira has been writing stories since 2008. She loves writing about first love, really cute boys, kissing, and all the drama. She also likes to explore ideas and theories regarding the workings of the universe, and she is intrigued by souls and the metaphysical world. 

She was born in South Africa, lived in Namibia and Ireland, and currently resides in Northern Ireland with her husband, children, one spoilt house cat and two goldfish. She loves listening to boy bands and country music, because she can sing along with the lyrics. Her favourite food is chocolate and if her husband would only just allow it, she is sure she could live off it.

Lynette holds qualifications in marketing and education. For most of her adult life, she worked as a personal assistant at an international financial institution, then she was a quality assessor, a trainer, and also a shoulder to cry on at a youth group. 

Besides writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, watching lots of movies, baking and acting as if she is still fifteen. 

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